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Discover common integration flows and use our APIs to connect your in-house systems with Safeguard Global’s workforce enablement platform – Global Unity.

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With a distributed global workforce, it’s important your organization knows your workers are appropriately classified as direct employees, independent contractors, or another designation to remain in compliance. The API Framework provides options for your organization to classify workers and initiate worker onboarding rapidly and across multiple countries in parallel.


Update Payroll Instructions and worker details directly from your HRIS to ensure input accuracy, timeliness, and completeness. Keep data in sync with your HRIS on-demand. Maintain a seamless flow of information and process transparency to navigate labor laws and complexity.


With the ability to Work in Any Way comes the need to pay workers globally, in local currency. You have employees located across the world in several countries and the complexities can be challenging and exhausting. Let Safeguard’s Global API platform do the work for you. We will build customized integrations based on payroll, invoicing and HR solutions that fit your business model. Let us help you unlock the future of payroll and scale your global organization today.

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